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A mutual exchange (the swapping of home and tenancy) with another customer of a housing association or local authority is a quick and effective way of moving.

An exchange partner can be found using HomeSwapper (which is free to use for Selwood Housing customers) or by posting on our Selwood Swaps Facebook page.

Once you have found someone to exchange with, you will both need to complete a mutual exchange application form. To request a paper copy of this form, please contact our Customer Support Team on 01225 715715 or

For a PDF version of this form, click here.  You can save it, and email it back to us at

Please note that both you and the person you want to swap with have to complete this form.

Please be aware that we have up to 42 days from the date that we receive all required applications for each exchange, to decide if the swap can go ahead.  In addition, we recommend that all customers talk to their exchange partners about their expectations of moving timescales.





What is HomeSwapper? 

Since 2007, HomeSwapper has helped more that 260,000 families and individuals swap their homes.

Every day, thousands of people log on to HomeSwapper wanting to move - because they need more space, or to be closer to work or family.  Others may just want a change.  Mobility has always been important or customers: changes to allocation policies and restrictions to transfer lists mean it's more crucial than ever.  A mutual exchange provides this flexibility.


 Selwood Swaps

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You could also like our special page on Facebook called Selwood Swaps that is dedicated to posts about swapping homes so you can find details about other people who are looking for a swap!

Don't pay for your spare room - swap instead! 

If you need help to pay your rent with housing benefit, there are important changes you need to know about which came into effect in April 2013.  If you are under 60 and have one or more spare bedrooms, housing benefit will not cover all your rent. Swapping your home may be the quickest way of trading down if you cannot afford to pay the difference. 

We're here to help  - contact us on 01225 715 715 / or see our flyer about help available if you would like further information.

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