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Homes for intermediate rent

A member of staff and tenant with house key on Selwood Housing keychainWe have new homes to rent at intermediate rent so that people can start to save to buy a home. 

These homes are available to let at 80% of the usual (or market) rent with the intention that the 20% of saved rent can be used towards a down payment on a home of their choice.

We will advertise available homes for intermediate rent on South West Homes' website and on our current availability page.

Am I eligible?

You should be eligible if you answer yes to all of the following statements.

  • My household income is less than £60,000
  • I am unable to afford to purchase a home suitable for my housing needs within a reasonable travelling distance of my work place
  • I am able to save for a deposit towards home ownership in the longer term
  • I am not already a home owner or named on a home mortgage
  • I have a good credit history.

How do I rent one of these homes?

Anyone who is interested should register on South West Homes' website or by picking up an application form from our office in Trowbridge.

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