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Our board of directors

We are governed by a board of 9 directors.  One-third of the board are tenants, one-third are people nominated by Wiltshire Council and one-third are independent people who have an interest in the work that we do. 

Our board meets on a regular basis to:

  • set future plans
  • decide policies
  • watch how we spend our money
  • look at how we are providing our services
Take a look at what our board have been discussing recently:


All members of our board are recruited through application and then interview. All of our tenants are invited to apply for one of the tenant board member positions, as they become available. Each board member must reapply for their position after 3 years and can only serve a maximum of 9 years on the board.  

Tenants and members of the public are welcome to come to our meetings if they wish.  Please contact 01225 715 904 or email for more information. 

Our board members:


Alison Christy (chair)

Alison is one of the only female tenant chairs of a housing association. Since becoming chair of Selwood Housing Association in 2011, Alison has played a key role in transforming the method of tenant involvement, as well as being instrumental in the development of Selwood Housing's own repairs and maintenance social enterprise, Silcoa.



Cllr Richard Britton  

Following an early career in the computer industry, Richard progressed to become assistant general manager of a substantial mutual fund. He then became an entrepreneur, launching and acquiring a number of businesses. Richard has held a host of governance roles in public bodies including the NHS, Salisbury College, Wiltshire Police Authority and also serving as Leader of Salisbury District Council. Richard is the current Chairman of Wiltshire Council.


Brian Cosstick (vice chair)

Brian is vice chair and also sits on the board of Silcoa. As an independent member he brings a wealth of experience from the private sector including new business start-ups, finance and pensions. Brian worked his way to CEO level within the gas industry and has social housing experience from previously sitting on the board of Sovereign Housing Association.


Ian Harries 

Ian has worked in the housing sector for over 30 years, ranging from roles as a rent collector to that of chief executive. He has also been a housing advisor to the office of the deputy prime minister, an audit commission housing inspector and a chair of a residents' association. Ian has an honours degree in housing and a higher technical diploma in land administration and valuations. He is the current vice chair of the audit and risk committee.


Margaret Haylock

Margaret has extensive knowledge of business administration, human resources and health & safety from working in the NHS and with the local authority in Essex. Margaret has achieved a post-graduate diploma in human resource management (CIPD) and is vice chair of the Group remuneration and governance committee and a tenant of Selwood Housing. Margaret also sits on The Learning Curve board.



John Noeken BEM

Following a military career, John was elected onto Wiltshire Council. He was Cabinet Member for Resources and latterly vice chair of the Health Select committee. He played key roles in the councils transformation and super fast broadband projects, including scrutiny reports on dementia care and mental health. He was also an appointed governor for Salisbury District Hospital FT. After an initial three year term, John was re-appointed to the Selwood Housing board in October 2016.


Lee O'Bryan  

Lee is serving his second term on the Selwood Housing board and is chair of the resources and governance committee. Lee spent the majority of his career with Royal Mail, working in operations and HR. Lee is now semi-retired while running his own company. Lee grew up living in social housing and is able to bring his own first hand experience to the position, as well as his business expertise.


Cllr Bridget Wayman

Bridget is one of the Wiltshire Councillor non-executive members. She is a non-practicing chartered surveyor with keen interest in town planning and design. Bridget is keen to encourage greater tenant involvement and the management of estates to contribute to a better local environment. She also supports the development of employment and skills training for tenants through the recent acquisition of The Learning Curve.  


Martin Pain

Martin brings to the Selwood Housing Group board extensive project design experience as well as financial knowledge related especially to large scale housing developments. Martin is keen to bring his 50 plus years experience in international business to the board as he is an expert in dealing with different target audiences. As Martin is also a tenant of Selwood Housing he is keen to get involved with crafting tenant centric policies and development plans.


Board meetings 2017

Meetings are held in our office at Bryer Ash Business Park, Bradford Road, Trowbridge.  Board meetings are the first Wednesday of every other month starting at 4.30pm.  

The board meetings for 2017 are as follows:

Wednesday 3 May
Wednesday 5 July
Wednesday 6 September
Wednesday 1 November

If you would like come to one of our meetings please contact 01225 715 904 or email for more information. 

Annual General Meeting

We hold an annual general meeting or AGM of our members once a year. The next annual general meeting is being held on 3 October 2017

 Here is the draft notice and minutes from the last AGM which took place in October 2016.
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