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Bedroom tax frequently asked questions

We wrote out to all our tenants who will be affected by the bedroom tax. By doing this, we were able to find out what questions you had and identify who wanted our help downsizing and budgeting advice.  Here are the most common questions you asked us...

What qualifies as working age?

Working age is anyone who is under pension credit age. At the moment this is 61, but the qualifying age for pension credit is going up gradually over a number of years to 66 in line with the increase in age for the State Pension. For more information about when you will qualify for pension credit please contact the DWP at or call them on 08456 060 265.

If you are claiming Universal Credit and you have a partner, both of you will need to be over pension credit age to be exempt from the bedroom tax.

What if I need the spare bedroom due to ill health?

Unfortunately people who are unable to sleep with their partners due to ill health would still be subject to the bedroom tax.

What if I have a carer who uses the spare room?

Because the draft regulations on this are unclear at the moment and your situations differ across households (some of you need care every night, others from time to time), the council asked that you contact their housing benefit team to discuss your situation.   Their number is 0300 456 0100. 

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