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How we calculate your rent

paying rent using a card and card machineEvery year we look at your rent and decide what your rent will be for the following year in line with government regulations on rent restructuring.

Our board of directors agree the changes in February and then we will advise you of them in March. Your rent changes in April and by law we have to give you 4 weeks' notice.

If you are struggling to pay your rent you should contact your payment adviser on 01225 715 715 immediately to discuss the situation.

What is rent restructuring?

In 2002 the government decided that there should be consistency in the amount of rent paid for all housing association and council properties in the country. They want all rents to converge to target rents by 2012.

The formula below allows us to work out a rent for each property based on things such as the number of bedrooms and how much the property is worth.  Rents that are below target have to be increased until they are at target.

The formula is: Rent + RPI + 0.5% +/- £2 (per week).

Transfer tenants

Tenants who transferred to us in 2001 from West Wiltshire District Council had a guaranteed rent protection of  a maximum increase of RPI + 1% for 10 years. This guarantee has now ended.

New tenants

We will set your rent at target rent when you move in.

Housing benefit

It might be that you receive Housing Benefit that covers all your rent. If this is the case we will be telling your council what your rent has changed to.

Other charges

You also may pay for services provided that are specific to your tenancy or property. Rent restructuring does not control these.

We set these to try and make sure that the cost of providing the service is covered by what we charge.

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