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Our recent performance

Performance update

Our recent performance report is updated regularly and gives details on new homes, empty homes, evictions, costs and money we are owed.  You can also see the reports for the past year:


Weekly performance update - repairs

We prioritise repairs into three categories:
  • Emergency repairs: done within 24 hours
  • Priority repairs: done within 7 days
  • Routine repairs: done within 30 days
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Click here for our weekly repairs performance

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Weekly performance update - gas servicing

We test all of our gas appliances each year to make sure your home is safe for you, your family and visitors.  We aim to have all of our gas safety checks up-to-date.  Our maintenance team works with our neighbourhoods team to make sure our contractors can get into the homes to get it done on time.

Click here for our recent gas servicing performance 

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