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Reporting back to you

Two women and a man looking at a performance reportWhat you think of our services matters a great deal to us. We involve you in developing and improving our services and in making decisions about what we do. Each year, we work with a group of tenants to put together our annual report so you are able to hold us to account by looking at our performance and the money we spend.

Below is a summary of our findings or you can read the full report for more information. This year it has been designed  specifically to appear in the Autumn 2016 edition of working together magazine.

Find out how we're doing

You can see:

  • The results from our recent satisfaction surveys
  • Comparisons with other similar housing associations
  • How we are getting value for money for your rent.

See where we are doing well

Our research found that we're doing well in the following areas:

  • The quality of our repairs service
  • Reducing the average time to let an empty property
  • Building lots of new homes.

See where we need to do better

We need to keep doing well in those areas and we need to do better in others, like:

  • Tenant involvement
  • Dealing with antisocial behaviour
  • Continuing to help tenants manage their money and keep our arrears levels low.

We monitor our performance closely and were already aware of our weaker areas. Much of the improvement work needed has already begun.

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