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Your rent

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Paying by direct debit

It's a safe and easy way to pay your rent-find out more in this section and sign up today!

Easy ways to pay

Get information about our 10 easy (and free!) ways to pay your rent!  Click here to pay your rent online now.


Find out how you can manage your rent account online.

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Rent payment cards

Find out how to use your rent payment card and how to order a new one if yours is lost or stolen.

How your rent is set

We determine your rent using the government's formula-find out more

Get your balance by text

Sign up to receive your rent and service charge statement by text.

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 Rent statements

All about your statement-what it is and why we send it to you

Overpaid rent

Pay too much?  Find out how you can request a refund

Former tenants

You still need to pay the money you owe us if you move-find out more


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